Based on the content of your posts, it seems that you’re not particularly successful in your love life. Have you considered that the core, steelmanned concepts of “The Red Pill” are valid, and sensitive/romantic men beyond top 10-20% attractiveness levels are not only severely disadvantaged on the dating scene, but also won’t meet their emotional needs, as female love style is by default less romantic and more opportunistic/performance-based (e.g. women perceive men as men perceive jobs)?


Thanks. I looked into the Red Pill stuff. I am dating several people casually, but none of them are interested in settling down, or they all have other partners they want to settle down with instead. According to the terminology on the Red Pill sites I looked at, this means I am too alpha and I need to become more beta. But none of them give any advice on this; they just seem to assume you want to go the other direction. This doesn’t seem very relevant to my needs and I probably won’t be reading it further.

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