I tried watching Buzzfeed’s Worth It series, but having no idea what truffles or caviar tastes like, I have no reference point for if the food actually even sounds tasty.


that’s just it, to charge a thousand dollars for something fairly trivial you end up having to slather it in expensive ingredients that don’t necessarily do much, like literal gold, so it’s very rare for the top-priced item to be a winner.

Truffle is a bit like saffran – it’s incredibly expensive but there’s something in it, a flavor you can’t really get elsewhere. If you want to feel Superior to Silly Rich People who just do things to show off how much money they have, truffle is not your starting point.

Caviar, however, is salty fish cum with no redeeming qualities. It doesn’t taste bad, it tastes like disappointment. If you want to make fun of stupid rich people nonsense, caviar is a fine place to start.

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