“In the Twentieth Century, beauty stopped being important. Art increasingly aimed to disturb and break moral taboos. It was not beauty, but originality, however achieved and at whatever moral cost, which won the prizes.”

— Roger Scruton, Why Beauty Matters (via elementarynationalism)

me stating things literally everyone knows

Everyone knows this because of Roger Scruton, fam.

yeah I wouldn’t know that the point of art stopped being beauty if he didn’t say it I would just think people shitting on canvas is beautiful

You don’t know how much you’re already borrowing from him.

this is why in the 20th century no one tried to make movies featuring beautiful people wearing costumes in front of amazing sets and beautiful landscapes, let alone animated features requiring painstaking work from hundreds of artists pushing the boundaries of visual experimentation, that never happened.

Argumate, you’re confusing art and “Art”. Normal art are things like rock bands and video game concepts, etc… “Art” is pretentious bullshit enjoyed by preening hipsters, where pretension and message are the only things that matter. “Art” didn’t use to be this way, because the kind of acclaim people seek in modern times was historically possible through mere skill. But between population booms and significantly improved information transmission, genius tier artists became a dime a dozen, so mere skill became insufficient. The selection mechanism became, basically, fashion, and once quality was no longer selected for the people who abandoned it in favor of chasing the fads rose to the top.

ah yes fashions in art, something that was invented in the 20th century

That’s not what inferential was saying at all you potato bird

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