TIL that door knobs made out of brass automatically disinfect themselves in about 8 hours through the oligodynamic effect


Fascinating. Good post.

Silver does this also, which was probably handy for silverware before antibacterial dish soap was invented.

That’s mentioned in the article as well. They also stated that a copper or silver container can disinfect a pot of water in a few hours. im gonna add a copper vessel to my emergency provisions now. @yourunclejingo you may find this stuff interesting too.

Its almost like our ancestors did shit that made sense even if they didn’t always fully understand why.

this is why you can get plasters with silver in them. also i think this is why IUDs are made of copper often?

Copper is toxic. It’s OK in brass for doorknobs because you don’t put your food on doorknobs, and it’s OK for cook ware because the inside is covered in tin, not copper. Which removes the antibacterial properties.

Are copper water pipes also covered in something else?

They don’t leach out into the water unless it’s acidic enough to dissolve copper. Many foods are, so :-/

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