so 28 Australian senators were in favor of a motion saying they think western civilization is under attack, that they think there’s a lot of racism against white people, and that they specifically want it know that “it is okay to be white”, huh.








that almost certainly says more about the internal politics of the current balance of parliament and very little about the actual question at hand, as with most of these things.

Attempt to convince the majority ethnicity that racism is bad while being flippant about racial epithets and blatant racial discrimination aimed at them.

Brilliant plan you got there, eh?

ah yes the blatant discrimination suffered by white Australians every day as they brave the torrent of racial abuse they receive on the tram

If you want a democracy you’re going to have to learn to negotiate with these people’s opinions, so that’s on you bud.

thankfully our orange freak only gets 4.3% of the vote, giving her just enough airtime to be a performing monkey for us to ritually decry.

“Ahahah fuck orange racist man #bashfash”-Argumate, an NPC apparently.

sorry I don’t know the blackpill approved way of criticising an idiot politician, is it woke to be a moron now?

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