SSC’s follow-up to the NIMBY article has this line:

case in point: in accordance with the prophecy, someone definitely wants to upzone my single-family neighborhood

Scott, there were at least seven families living in your “single-family” home when I visited. And your home is one of the least dense I’ve seen in the Bay, with on average fewer than two people per room.

You can argue that actually your seven families consisting of eleven people are just one big adopted family, but this is clearly not the intent of zoning for single-family homes. The current zoning is clearly an utter failure.

And I don’t believe this because I think suburbs suck. I actually love suburbs.

But if someone asked me to maximize suffering by choosing one neighborhood to preserve for single-family home zoning, I would choose your neighborhood.

Your neighborhood isn’t a suburb. I can tell, because I love suburbs.

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Every time I read something about housing in the Bay area I go “wow, it’s worse than I thought” and I try to adjust for that and then something new comes along that makes me go “wow, it’s worse than I thought.”

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