When Electricity Was New and Scary, People Needed Guidelines on How to Be Safe







Here are some great safety posters, from what is today the Czech Republic, circa 1920s and 1930s

“Don’t Use A Whip Near Electric Lines”

“If the power isn’t off don’t poke the outlet!”

“Warning! Don’t wipe electric devices with a wet cloth!”

“Don’t touch electric devices while taking a bath!”

“Don’t touch heaters while operating a vacuum!”

And my personal favorite: “Fixing it yourself will cause more harm; call a professional and don’t worry.”

Reminds me of the 1920s/1930s Dutch safety posters (more) that went around a few years ago:

It’s interesting how these consistently depict electricity as red; generally we think of it as blue today.

I though electricity was yellow.

“Don’t touch heaters while operating a vacuum!” 


is this a thing?

I could definitely build a functional vacuum that’ll have a 50% chance of killing you if you touch ground.

(Cars are still built from this design pattern, but it’s not a problem because they run on batteries and don’t share “ground” with the actual ground)

The world before 3-wire cords was a scary place.

No like

By design

The world before 2-wire circuits was a scary place.

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