tried writing a post about the rise of fascism in China lads

I see what you’re attempting  to do and I object to it in the strongest possible terms, lads.

Neither of you are following the format on tumblr so I can reply correctly lads

EDIT: Wait, unless I pretend that @argumate is in China while writing the post. That works. Tell us what happened lad.

well as economic growth began to stall and the inefficiencies of the state apparatus became more obvious the party reacted by strengthening its grip on power, focusing citizen outrage on nebulous external enemies like Japan and internal subversives like Tibetans and Muslims, all while boosting the organs of the party over the written constitution and judicial system and cultivating the image of the benevolent ‘Uncle’ Xi as the strong leader the country needs, a process that resembles the growth of fascism so clearly that it’s remarkable that more people don’t comment on it.

For all the faults of the current party leadership, I think they’re actually at odds with the people who want to stir up anti-Japan sentiment (and so forth). Analogy: GCD = Republicans employing the southern strategy; some yet-to-become-important PLA general = Trump. The party likes the China-victimization narrative because it distracts from domestic issues, but they don’t want it to dictate their foreign policy.

EDIT: Something about lads.


勿忘国耻 “Never forget the national humiliation!”

Yes, they are managing anti-Japan and anti-US and anti-Philippine sentiment very very carefully, turning it up and down as necessary, bussing in protestors when there aren’t enough and arresting them when they get too excited.

Similarly, troublesome minorities are lauded or condemned depending on the needs of the moment.

In China?

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