TLJ Workshop Side Note: The Force Awakens





Previously: TLJ Workshop 1: Dread Nothing

In the course of preparing my series of posts on workshopping The Last Jedi, I decided to re-watch The Force Awakens to get a better sense of context of the work.

[This post contains spoilers for The Last Jedi, and Star Wars in general.]

I had a lot to say about Ghost in the Shell (2017).  I had a lot to say about Dead Men Tell No Tales.  I still have much more to say about The Last Jedi.

But I don’t have all that much to say about The Force Awakens.

Yes, there are all sorts of considerations and things that could have been done differently.  Yes, one could choose to run with different themes entirely.  Yes, it feels a bit like a tabletop RPG being presented by someone’s Star-Wars-loving dad for two kids playing as Rey and Finn.

But at the end of the day, it’s mostly just a good, enjoyable movie.

(It’s perhaps less exciting than Rogue One – I dropped myself into Rogue One at about 40% of the way through after having already seen it once and it was immediately engaging – but not all movies need that kind of pacing.)

Could you found a franchise on it?  I’m not sure.  I think it’d be sufficient grounds for a trilogy even if Star Wars didn’t exist, but I’m not sure it’d achieve legendary status – although perhaps that’s partly just due to occurring now rather than farther back in our society’s past.

The Force Awakens was more or less exactly what it was supposed to be.  If I were making changes to it, it’d just be a different movie, and not necessarily a better one.

kylo is good, and the rest of the movie is a bunch of star wars components in a star wars shaped mold with no regard to if the components are in the right place and connected

TFA was Sanic Hedgehog

“TFA was Sanic Hedgehog” opened my fucking third eye.

Sonic has arms, and legs, and red shoes, and a face, and spines, and he’s blue, and this drawing has all of those, so it must look like Sonic!

Gotta go Force

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