Looking for ideas on an extremely low-effort “costume” with a legal theme, preferably libertarian-oriented.

Like literally just an idea for a joke I can make as I carry around a book or a sheet of paper with something funny on it. Maybe a really cheap costume if I can get it by Friday.

See-through blindfold + Peplos or Chiton. Sword and scales if you can get them but they’re not strictly necessary.

Lady Justice seems a bit overdone…

To be clear, this is for a law student party

Replace blindfold with crown, sword with torch, get your Liberty on on a friday night.

Also, separately: You would not believe how unimportant “overdone” is unless you’re doing actual fashion.

It’s a high-society “costly signalling” meme we’ve adopted because we want to look cool but unless you’re actually high society it doesn’t matter because “I made a cool costume” already signals everything you want – skill, surplus energy etc./ in a way it wouldn’t in somebody rich enough to just buy a costume, where they also need to signal excess creativity and intelligence – or the ability to afford consultants who can have that for them.

There’s no way I’m actually going to make a costume…

If the sword, blindfold and chiton are all purchased separately rather than as a package deal, you’ll already have.

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