Canadian “Big Maple Leaf” 220-pound gold coin worth $4.5M stolen, still missing in Berlin

  • If you thought Ocean’s Eleven was impressive, this real-life heist will knock your socks off: Known affectionately as the “Big Maple Leaf,” an enormous 220-pound Canadian gold coin worth around $4.5 million was on display in Berlin’s Bode-Museum — until the early hours of Monday, that is, when it mysteriously disappeared.
  • The coin — the biggest on earth, according to Guinness World Records — “was stolen last night,” Markus Farr, a near-dumbstruck museum spokesman, told Reuters on Monday morning. 
  • “It’s gone.” As of Tuesday, more than 24 hours had passed, but authorities had yet to name any suspects. Read more. (3/28/17, 11:58 AM)

Additional information:

  • This coin is actually one of five; the other four are currently in private collections around the world.
  • The Royal Canadian Mint’s website literally says they made the coins “because we can”.
  • The Canadian government has declined to comment on what unholy power – if any – will be unlocked if all five coins are brought together.

it’s worth $4.5 million but it’s face value is $1million?

Like, it’s bad enough with pennies being worth less than they cost to produce, but why would you have that be the case for this? or is it that the extra isn’t from the value of the gold but from it being rare/ unique?

At current market price, the gold itself is worth 4.995 million Canadian dollars. I don’t know why they stamped it a face value of $1 mil though. 100 kg is a nice even number and $1 mil is a nice even number, is probably why.

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