I hate everything about this.


can anyone else make it stop? 

if I look at it with just the right amount of mental concentration (ie, as little as possible while still processing the visual input) it stops rotating. 

mentally drafting a version of this post while muttering what I’m planning to type under my breath seems to just at that level. though now that I’ve done it a few times in a row it’s just a mental motion? 

It didn’t look like it was moving to me until I read that it was supposed to. I can make it stop by focusing, but I can’t sustain that for more than a few seconds in a row.

I don’t understand…

This looks like the most static of static images to me.

I remember this one: It looks static to you because of your screen size and distance!

I read about it when it was made (this specific image) and as I recall, it was specifically made to have different degrees of animation depending on how you were viewing it.

(For me, it’s almost static but the top and bottom have a very faint rotational movement.)

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