My players, before the session: “Yeah I was reading this essay about how you’d keep nuclear material safe for thousands of years after everybody might have forgotten any language the signs are in and think big vault doors might lead to treasure, instead of slow and toxic death.”

Also my players, still chatting among themselves: “I don’t see how you could go wrong with just piling up a bunch of skulls and then, if they still go inside, that’s really their own fucking fault.

Also my actual damn fucking players I swear to God: Anyway, let’s lever this huge granite slab with the weird copper rune off the top of the tunnel entrance. We’ll be careful not to crush any of the interesting skeletons around, they might have resale value.

That just means they’re not genre-savvy. There are always points in video games where I’m like “well this is stupid but it’s also probably how I advance the plot” and lo and behold…

Those are, not to put too fine a point on it, bad video games.

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