Just played a couple of matches of Tannenberg for the first time in months, I got back to back best player of the match medals despite being rusty as hell

In just about every game there’s some sort of conventional wisdom about how to play that’s just not really correct – in Tannenberg everybody decided long ago that the heavy machine guns suck and newbies are told that only newbies use them, so almost nobody uses them, then I show up and mow half the enemy team down with one and it’s like, hey, welcome to World War I, machine guns are OP

And few people seem to use the Winchester lever-action cowboy rifle the Russians have – it doesn’t have a bayonet, you don’t get grenades with it, it’s somewhat weak and inaccurate at long ranges, but it aims, fires, and reloads very quickly, so if you and an enemy both spot each other at the same time you’ll probably get the first shot off, which is a massive advantage in this game, and followup shots are quick as well – if you’re in cover and they’re out in the open trying to assault your position you can pop out and blast a whole squad one by one with little chance of being hit back

Having some good games is nice, but absolutely massacring unsuspecting people with seldom-used, underestimated weapons and tactics is the best

machine guns are OP

That sure is historically accurate, good on the dev team.

reloads very quickly

…that sure is historically accurate as well :^)

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