You’d think would be a market for a show or movie that is, not anti-social justice, but like satirical/critical of the excesses of the movement. Yet I feel like pretty much all pop culture is either explicitly and unnuanced pro-SJ or just dodges the topic completely.

Life of Brian

Bojack Horseman to a degree

I guess what I’m thinking of is a work where criticism of SJ is a major theme, in the way that there are a lot of explicitly feminist and SJ shows out there, and not just a side plot or joke like BoJack.

You’re probably talking “prestige dramas” and other work up to the same cultural level. Do remember that the most popular shows are actually 1 hour police procedural dramas that valorize beating up drug dealers to get them to cough up where the kidnapped white teen is or something. On average television is a conservative cultural force.

Also you’re just forgetting South Park, and most of Adult Swim.

The way I’d phrase it is, it would be cool to have television made by people who were good, rather than people who are shitty with a progressive/conservative aesthetic.

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