What’s the Official Shieldfoss Take on mobile phone OSes? Is it a case of “from most to least worst”, or is there someone actually good?


IOS and pure android (as you get on a google phone like the old Nexus series) are neck and neck. I prefer the actual gestures/buttons of Android over IOS, but IOS has other UI features that android doesn’t. Both of them are miles above non-Google versions of Android (which take all the things I don’t enjoy about Android and exacerbate them. 

Security- and privacy-wise

It goes IOS first, then Google Android, then Windows, then non-Google versions of android.

is there someone actually good?

If you like their UI then yes, and it’s IOS. Chafes my balls something fierce, because I prefer the android UI.


I want the Android UI with the IOS privacy and security settings and mindset in a phone that costs a hundred dollars. This is totally doable but ain’t nobody doing it because not enough people want to buy that phone to make it profitable.

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