Have you ever seen a twitter thread (or, in this case, two!) that so perfectly expressed everything you’d felt over months and months of harassment persistent? With all credit to @blackblobyellowcone, who is clearly amazing and completely gets it– not just why us women write and read the erotica that we do, but the history behind the censorship we, as a gender, have experienced. Bravo. 

Seriously modern fan discourse is Victorian era prudes screaming about how fiction is corrupting the “poor innocent young women” and how their fantasies are “evil”

Except in the Victorian era it was done by men. Today it’s done by OTHER WOMEN.

It wasn’t really done only by men then either. Women wielded political power through their husbands etc. It’s that what the men were doing was visible.


It was great for twelve tweets and then

Men go on making shitty, problematic art for mass consumption and we take our valid anger about that and

Your what, lady?

Valid anger

At what?

problematic art

More, I need to ask here, or less, problematic than rubbing it to Nazis, as you talked about upthread?

Is it woke to want Nazis when women do it, but not when men do it?

(Trick question, obviously: It’s woke when she wants it and problematic when she doesn’t.)

At the risk of offering a killing insult to Nazi fetishists, I’m going to say it’s never particularly woke to want Nazis. Like, by definition – just as if one were to have a fetish for minstrels, golliwogs, or the Wayans brothers in ‘White Chicks’. 

‘This isn’t woke, but that’s ok’ is perfectly in the spirit of the thread above, but I fear that, for one reason or another, the tweeters wouldn’t want to make that claim.

At the risk of taking this more seriously than it merits – “This isn’t woke, but that’s ok” is perfectly in spirit of the first twelve tweets, that’s why the thirteenth one soured me so badly.

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