Adventures in Pacifism


The Xorta Covenant, as previously mentioned, are Pacifist/Fanatic Materialist Space Ancaps.

They have three neighbors:

The Kingdom of Tabat, a pacifist monarchy.

The Thimoid Confederacy, a militant democracy of Evangelizing Zealots.

The Mathin Citizen Coalition, A bunch of good old fashioned Hegemonic imperialists.

To nobody’s surprise, peace was made with Tabat very early. Unfortunately, a few years after the alliance, the Mathin and the Thimoid attacked us. The Mathin wanted to take a single system, while the Thimoid wanted to Humiliate us. The Xorta Covenent, not wanting to spend the money on a war, surrendered the next day, losing a planet and its galactic reputation.

Interestingly, both attackers were rivals with each other, so I decided to take a side, declaring the Thimoids my rival, and showering the Mathin with bribes until they accepted association status with my federation. Borders secure, the next century was spent building the greatest economy in the galaxy. In the meantime, the Mathin went to war with the Thimoid probably three times, each time gaining and losing the same few systems, The Thimoid were many times larger, but the Mathin had quite the wealthy benefactor.

In 2366, the Mathin launch a war to take the four systems they lost when the Thimoid attacked them a decade prior.

Sensing an opportunity, the Xorta Covenant decided that it was time to spread their peaceful ways by force. Conveniently, it had assembled a massive army of robots for other peaceful purposes, and launched an ideology war against the Thimoid. Originally, the Xorta had intended simply to create a puppet state along the entire area bordering themselves and the Mathis, but when the Tabat joined the war in solidarity, we ended up winning the whole war outright, turning a militant theocratic democracy that spanned half a galactic arm into an atheistic megacorporate oligarchy. Unfortunately, this was a separate war, and thus a separate peace, from the Mathin-Thimoid war of conquest, so the Mathin continued to make war on the Thimoid Committee, and I could not invite either side to the federation. The Mathin won in short order, seizing a key system and bisecting Thimoid space. With the war over, the Thimoid Committee eagerly joined the Federation. Once they did, however, the Mathin immediately quit their association status, with their opinion of the Xorta Covenant going from 128 to -80.

The Xortan navy was rebuilt within six months, and the truce from breaking the alliance has 10 years left.

Then the Second Peace War begins.

I have a lot of games that go like this, where I’m dictating terms across a smoldering battlefield while smugly feeling like I have the moral high ground because I’ve been offering trade and alliance deals for 200 years and I’m only conquering you now because you declared war on me.

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