If Diablo Immortal is going to be good, as its developers allege, then why not also release it on PC?

Money. Why put devs on perversely porting NetEase’s reskinned ripoff to PC? Better to sink resources into flipping more IPs to the mobile gravy train.

Disclaimer, I stopped playing years ago, but it’s sad how videogames are turning into soulless cash-grabs.

I don’t think so. If the game is good, then it’d also be more sales.

(Obviously this was a rhetorical question. The answer is that “the game isn’t going to be good, and will only manage ‘acceptable’ in the grossly lowered standards of phone games.”.)

it’s sad how videogames are turning into soulless cash-grabs.

On the one hand yes, absolutely.

On the other hand, the amount of good, high-quality games made for the sake of being good games coming out today is equal to, if not larger than, the games coming out in 08 or 98. It seems smaller because there’s a lot of bad stuff coming out too – and with bigger ad campaigns – but you can get fantastic games for $10 today you couldn’t get for $50 in the late nineties.

But those aren’t at the central eye of the shit vortex that is gaming culture, so you don’t notice, necessarily – especially if you’re not gaming any more and only know about gaming from the press, which only reports on things that are press worthy.

@shieldfoss Not a gotcha, I’m curious, what are some recent fantastic games? I’m too poor and busy to play, but I might read about them or watch Youtube playthroughs. I’ve heard of some like Papers Please and Undertale.

Depends a lot on what you’re into and, of course, on which streamer personalities you find endearing and which you find grating.

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