i hate the future

I love it!

The anonymous user posted this image to prompt a discussion on how little episodes of the 14 episode first season of Haruhi you would have to watch in order to watch them in every possible order, repeats included.

The thread eventually reached a working conclusion by divising a formula that would solve for any “n” length sequence. The thread’s findings were compiled on the mathsci wiki and titled “The Haruhi Problem.”

Last Monday (10/22/18), university mathematician Jay Pantone created a more professional looking assessment of their findings here. This lead to academia learning about 4chan’s unique findings and it’s being widely discussed.

The problem now is about credit. 4chan being an anonymous image board, there’s no one to cite for the findings.

I cannot fucking believe

Necessity truly is the mother of all invention

I can’t believe Haruhi fans made major progress in the field of mathematics before they got season three.

I can

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