My surface tablet is dying (in particular, the battery/power supply is no longer any kind of reliable.)

I want to replace it, but I’m not sure what to get.

My minimum requirements are:

  • Doesn’t spy on me.
  • Comfortable to bring into my bed when I want to veg out to youtube videos for an hour or two.
  • Can bring with me to e.g. roleplaying sessions for storing notes, or when I want to write something

Immediately “get another surface” is disqualified – Win10 can no longer be made to not spy on you.

But I can just get an iPad! Except Jesus, an iPad is expensive.

And the more I think on it, I have a secondary thing I’d really like:

  • useful for professional work (that is, proper multitasking, ability to hook it up to a larger screen and a decent keyboard/mouse)

Because my gaming PC has to be a windows PC, so it would be nice if I could move everything not-gaming-related (programming, writing, taxes, net banking, net usage in general) to a non-spying device.

Really, I need either a MacOS device, or a Linux device.

And MacOS devices are even more expensive than IOS devices.

And I just

I can’t find any linux devices that are really suitable. What few I find that are almost-acceptable are out of stock, or ship only to Peru.

I am still so fucking mad that Microsoft decided to ape Google instead of Apple.

Oh, and macbooks have like, zero fucking ports. I guess I could get a docking station while I’m at it, I’m sure they’re reasonably priced :^)

And they don’t have flip screens. I have to use it like a laptop while lying in bed, that’s not how I want it.

Maybe some kind of flip device thing? But do they sell those with linux – I think the fuck not. And do I have the time and patience to find out how to make one work with Linux?

… actually maybe yes. But God Damn.

Maybe I should scround around for a refurbished Surface that’s cheap enough that I don’t feel bad for experimenting with linux on it – the Surface form factor really is first class, better than anything from any of the competitors. It just. Comes with Windows.

oh shit https://github.com/jakeday/linux-surface

I know, there’s a whole Linux-On-Surface-Devices subreddit out there – but Surface devices are well expensive, partially because they’re Surface (Microsoft trying to make a high-end brand) and partially because they have more/better hardware than I need.

(also I am getting well mad at the designed-for-obsolescence nature of the surface, all of their peripherals (power chord, keyboard cover) are flimsy as fuck, and the power chord in particular is designed so there’s tension on it when you’re charging the device while using it because the wire is stiff so the table presses against it, see attached picture)

((Also also, somebody hire me as a techical illustrator plz))

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