What’s the problem with just putting Linux on a Windows tablet? If you don’t trust a Surface to not spy on you with a new OS, the solution probably has to be two devices. There are made for Linux laptops that are light, but I don’t think any are super foldable or tablets.

Windows tablets are about as expensive as Apple tablets, and the Linux-for-Surface project doesn’t have some features working yet (e.g. Sleep mode on Surface Pro 4, which is the one it looks like I can get cheap used right now, and the Type Cover for that same tablet is wonky)

Ah, fair. For cost efficiency and everything working together without spying, then, your best bet is probably a Dell Developer Edition laptop. I think they go cheaper than any of the only-Linux manufacturers. You might be able to get an outdated iPad for your in-bed use, too, but I don’t know how much those get discounted.

Dell Developer Edition

Good Lord I’ve never seen these before. Those are fantastic.

Oh God they cost nothing

Why aren’t these on price comparison sites, I’ve been absolutely despairing to find something good and then it’s just.

Right there.

Now to pick between

  • “this one is almost free”


  • “this one costs more than a MacBook but does all the things you want, combining the best features of an iPad and a MacBook, then adding on enough ports that it’s usable with peripherals, extra screens etc./”

(Not actually, I’m gonna pick the one that is, by computer standards, almost free. But I am very tempted.)

Ah. XPS 12 had flip funcionality, the XPS 13 does not. Definitely cheap version, then.

I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of these! They are a good choice, though, it’s nice that such a major manufacturer sells their normal selection in linux versions. Glad you found one that looks good!

I Am Not In America, so they actually don’t sell these exact models, but it made me aware that Dell sells laptops with pre-installed Linux, and they do so here as well.

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