My surface tablet is dying (in particular, the battery/power supply is no longer any kind of reliable.)

I want to replace it, but I’m not sure what to get.

My minimum requirements are:

  • Doesn’t spy on me.
  • Comfortable to bring into my bed when I want to veg out to youtube videos for an hour or two.
  • Can bring with me to e.g. roleplaying sessions for storing notes, or when I want to write something

Immediately “get another surface” is disqualified – Win10 can no longer be made to not spy on you.

But I can just get an iPad! Except Jesus, an iPad is expensive.

And the more I think on it, I have a secondary thing I’d really like:

  • useful for professional work (that is, proper multitasking, ability to hook it up to a larger screen and a decent keyboard/mouse)

Because my gaming PC has to be a windows PC, so it would be nice if I could move everything not-gaming-related (programming, writing, taxes, net banking, net usage in general) to a non-spying device.

Really, I need either a MacOS device, or a Linux device.

And MacOS devices are even more expensive than IOS devices.

And I just

I can’t find any linux devices that are really suitable. What few I find that are almost-acceptable are out of stock, or ship only to Peru.

I am still so fucking mad that Microsoft decided to ape Google instead of Apple.

Oh, and macbooks have like, zero fucking ports. I guess I could get a docking station while I’m at it, I’m sure they’re reasonably priced :^)

And they don’t have flip screens. I have to use it like a laptop while lying in bed, that’s not how I want it.

Maybe some kind of flip device thing? But do they sell those with linux – I think the fuck not. And do I have the time and patience to find out how to make one work with Linux?

… actually maybe yes. But God Damn.

Maybe I should scround around for a refurbished Surface that’s cheap enough that I don’t feel bad for experimenting with linux on it – the Surface form factor really is first class, better than anything from any of the competitors. It just. Comes with Windows.

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