Rap lyric Insta post ‘a hate crime’




Prosecutor Angela Conlan said Russell’s defence also argued her
profile “wasn’t public”, but it had been proved in court that anyone
could access it and “see the offensive language”.

She said
prosecutors also “sourced case law that showed that posting the profile
on her account constituted sending it and making it public”.


I am trying to find what lyrics in that song would make a good
“tribute to a boy who died in a crash”

This part actually felt like it did make sense to me, albeit in a rather roundabout way.

Looking at this thing, it kind of felt natural for me to start with the official music video for the song in question (content warning : lots of drugs, gun violence, N-word use etc):

ok, so relatively aggressive gangsta-rap type stuff. Looking a bit further, the police scene in the first 30 seconds of the video is apparently actual real-life footage of Detroit police interfering with the recording of the video, and from his life story, I seem to get a bit of a sense that this thing is to some extent based on actual real-life experiences of his (his father being a drug dealer, his brother dead from gang violence, himself apparently having done a lot of street gang stuff, eventually seizing upon rap music as a way to try to escape that kind of shitty life situation, that level of stuff) – which adds a fair bit of a “real deal” feeling to something that seems otherwise easy to dismiss as ludicrously exaggerated.

Adding to this that the car crash victim in this case was a 13-year-old boy living in an area that’s apparently well-known for having issues with criminal youth gangs – it seems to me at least very understandable that this sort of music would hold a very strong appeal to such a boy, to the extent where he would probably openly proclaim to anyone willing to listen that this was his favorite or something like that –

if this is correct, then it would seem … actually rather natural for people who knew him and his reasons for liking this sort of music to actually post this sort of thing as an attempt to make a tribute to his memory.

Which … is a bit fraught – it makes sense in enough context, but when posting an isolated Dogg lyric like that on social media, it’s kind of hard to convey that sort of context (especially to people outside his social circle), and … ignoring that sort of context, having a chunk of naked text that looks like

“I hate fuck shit, slap a bitch n***a, kill a snitch n***a, rob a rich n***a I think I’m trippin’ “

does come across as rather crass.

Yet … even without this specific context, gangsta-rap with this kind of language have been kinda ubiquitous for a rather long time now, to the point where even UK’s state-run BBC has been running an entire radio channel for years full of content like this (content note : N-word usage from roughly the 1-minute mark onwards):

which makes this particular court ruling come across as … basically insane from pretty much any perspective I can muster.

“She was charged after Merseyside Police were anonymously sent a screenshot of her update.”

seriously we could automate this process by scraping Twitter and Facebook and Reddit and put half of Liverpool behind bars.

Seriously the US 1st Amendment is like a beacon of light in a world of darkness, I’m still so God damn impressed with it.

Rap lyric Insta post ‘a hate crime’

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