it’s not Tone Policing to say that being a hostile, actively adversarial, wholly unpleasant person who assumes the worst intent of everyone who appears to disagree with you makes people less likely to listen to what you have to say even if your opinions are right. This post is not about “the SJWs” or whatever and I really don’t want to see it misused in that way, all I’m saying is that there are many situations where you can be in the right and still use rhetorical tactics that make it reasonable for people to disagree with you, and you don’t have to be nice to awful people (in fact you SHOULD be an asshole to them) but if you can’t tell the difference between awful people and regular people who are just wrong and you’re indiscriminately an asshole to everyone who isn’t With You, and is therefore With The Enemy, nobody’s going to want to be associated with you even if your side is the right one, and that’ll be your fault and yours alone. 

These issues are issues of our existence. If you’re not for people being able to exist regardless of their circumstance of birth, you are the enemy of me and every other reasonable person.

So like, that’s kind of my point. In spirit I agree with you, but this is the first impression you’ve chosen to make. You and I have had one (1) interaction ever, to my knowledge, and all I know about you is:

  • assumes the worst possible intent of anyone they interact with
  • doesn’t listen to what people say, because otherwise you would’ve seen the parts where I said that it’s not specifically about social justice issues and that you actually SHOULD be an asshole in situations where it’s called for
  • doesn’t know the difference between “situations where it’s called for” and “situations where it’s just being an asshole”
  • likes to put words in people’s mouths and then respond to what you’re pretending I said rather than what I actually said
  • Instead of seeking clarification to be sure you and I actually disagree (we don’t, based on what you said) you just jumped directly to assuming that I’m saying you need to entertain the opinions of people who believe you don’t have a right to exist, even though I feel like I made it pretty clear that those are the people you SHOULD be an asshole to
  • Randomly starts shit with strangers on the internet without being 100% clear on what’s being said

So I have to wonder, what makes you think that I’d want to have any further conversation with you after this point? You have communicated to me that if I engage you on this subject, it will be unpleasant and alienating for me regardless of whether or not I agree with what you’re saying. So, if I’d been someone who disagreed with you who, like, was actually aware that I wasn’t born knowing everything and was willing to change my mind if someone pointed out something I hadn’t considered before, do you really think I would’ve listened to any of your correct opinions after the impression you’ve chosen to make on me? 

Because I’m gonna tell you right now, I actually agree with you and I’m already not enjoying the interaction we’ve had and am eager to use the “block” button to ensure we never have to have another one. You can be speaking nothing but the gospel truth but if you don’t know how to sell it (and you clearly don’t) nobody’s gonna even listen to you long enough to agree. 

in short, the issue is when “you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole".

Honestly I’m just astounded that

…do you really think I would’ve listened to any of your correct opinions after…

OP thinks this person has any correct opinions.

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