Tumblr > Reddit > Twitter > Facebook

Tumblr and Reddit are pretty great if you carefully curate your experience, I give a slight edge to Tumblr because there’s more social context if you find the right community, which makes it easier (compared to relative anonymity on Reddit). Twitter is bad but is the only game in town for certain interests/communities, and can be mostly (though not entirely) made tolerable if you’re deliberate about it. Facebook is terrible and feeds outrage, at this point I only use it for keeping tabs on certain events that are only posted there.

What subs do you recommend and who’d you recommend to follow?

Reddit’s good for very niche information and entertainment, but the only thing I come back to regularly is just a special interest of mine.

Twitter I’d put above Reddit, because it’s easier to track personas, so you have “characters” (not necessarily made up, but not advised to take seriously, like @Outsideness or @NyxLandUnLife or @KantBot20k) and is good for keeping track of continuing sagas/jokes (like @alt_kia and Monogatari, or @sigfig and his rocketry antics), but for my money, the only good quality Discourse-level discussions are with @NegarestaniReza.

Maybe one of the reasons I defend Facebook so much is because I’ve just never had the problems most people have on it.

Like, I use it for events and for Facebook Messenger, and it’s great at those things.

The News Feed? I scroll through it sometimes, it’s an okay time killer. It’s never really been particularly outrageous? Sometimes I get into arguments, but they’re always interesting arguments, not the flamewar kind.

It used to be really boring, but then I started clicking “show me less of this” on posts that were really boring, and now it’s a lot better.

But it’s never been addictive in the way I hear some people talk about? And it’s not like I have a particularly non-addictive personality – I spend way too much of my life scrolling through Reddit and Tumblr – but scrolling through Facebook’s News Feed is something I only do when I’m really bored.

Facebook’s a useful social tool, certainly, much like email or Google Calendar, but the only good part of its “social networking” ie s telling you who your friends are friends with, and the events, which unfortunately, is not where they direct their attention and such services, even while better than the others, are still quite underpowered.

Contrast this to Twitter and Tumblr which I do find to be quite good at doing what they’re supposed to do, Tumblr as a sort of “blog aggregator”+interblog-communication-framework, Twitter as quick shouts into the abyss, and hopefully finding people to shout back at you.

Facebook conflates “this is somebody I know” with “this is somebody who posts interesting content that I want to read.” This leads to outcomes like “”“friending”“” a giant megacorporation because you want to read their press releases, and un-friending an IRL person because that’s the only way to remove their right to tag you in photos. Ridiculous.

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