Can anyone recommend some good, affordable headphones?

Sound quality doesn’t need to be super high, priorities are:


durable, for use with my phone when i go out (especially the wire)

headphones that don’t need to go inside my ears (earphones tend to fall out of my ears)


Fine quality sound

Dead cheap

No Idea as to durablility – i’ve used them for two years but. you know. at a desk.

Don’t go inside the ear

Comfortable for hours and hours of wear

Bonus: Don’t take up space.

thanks, i think i’m gonna get these. don’t think i’ve used the clip on type for a long time before, but it’s cheap enough that if i don’t like it it’s not a big loss.

That was my exact thought when I bought my first pair for work – if they’re crap, at least they’re cheap crap.

And then they were fine and I bought a second pair for home as well.

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