trump administration:

me: what could possibly go wrong

what went wrong:

There’s a reason why those regulations were in place, to protect consumers from shit like this. To no surprise, this administration’s policies are not for the protection of it’s people-they serve the interests of the large corporations-not for the people, not for America.

It should also be noted that these companies could still follow the now-repealed safety regulations. They’re showing their colors as bastards by immediately jumping on all this deregulation to save a few bucks at the cost of consumers’ health and well-being. Any of the people running these companies could take the easiest moral stance and literally save lives, and they adamantly refuse to do so because they are literal monsters who value capital over lives

Just can’t get out of my mind how many Libertarians swear that businesses would voluntarily comply rather than lose profits.

Well we haven’t abolished the rest of the regulations yet, for example the ones that prevent me from sniping Walmart’s CEO from two thousand yards if they pull this shit.

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