I take public transportation to work every day and I notice people from every gender do this bag on the seat thing. That’s why I think made up words like “manspreading” & “womansplaining” are kind of dumb.

This post is not wrong. This post is very good.


That’s never why I’ve put anything on that seat. I put my coat on the seat because it’s way more secure than the overhead compartment (I can’t tell if it’s my coat or yours you’re rifling through) and less dirty than the floor. Bag – same place/reason, though I mind less about my bag getting dirty. And then I move it if somebody needs the seat.

Though of course this does still analogize well to “”“manspreading”“” – that’s never why I spread my legs, I spread them because that’s more comfortable. And then I close them if somebody needs the seat.

But I guess you can’t write think pieces about reasonable people doing reasonable things for reasons that make sense.

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