I mean it’s trivial to float a scheme in which Jeff Bezos’ max net worth taps out at $100 million and then you have to commit to the idea that no, not only this dude but no one will bother starting a new venture if they can only earn 10% of a billion from it; then since essentially nobody earns that much why the hell does everyone else still go to work.

you can even say that he gets to keep control of the company because his management voodoo is just That Good, but he has to progressively transfer shares in non-voting form to a sovereign wealth fund or something as his net worth passes $100 million, maybe the thought of never being a billionaire makes him retire early in which case he is immediately replaced by any one of thousands of people because it’s a big world and he’s not that fucking special, christ.

Starting a new company is one thing, growing it to be worth $100M for the primary shareholder is another, growing it to be worth a trillion is another again.

You need people to have an incentive if you want each of these three steps done. Observing they have a very good reason to do the first two doesn’t mean they’ll do the third just for giggles.

then he gets hit by a bus and the next guy takes over, done.

if a hundred million dollars isn’t enough to motivate someone, I bet you can find someone else.

It’s like you’ve never even heard of expected return

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