all the instructions for how to use an AED are just “follow the instructions on screen”

well I don’t have one, I need to know how to write someone using it

> But what is the screen going to tell me?

Variations on the following (Exact text can vary and also I’m translating from Danish):

  • “Hands off” (It’s running a weak current through the hapless victim to measure heart activity, your hands need to be elsewhere so you don’t fake out the signal with your healthy heart)
  • Hands off (it’s getting ready to run a powerful current through the victim to stabilize an arrhythmic heart)
  • “Begin providing CPR” (No idea how you translate that into English but like – do the actual pumping motion thing)
  • Too hard/too soft/good pressure
  • Faster/slower/good rhythm
  • Depending on when it was manufactured/when the firmware was last flashed, it may or may not occasionally tell you to stop the massage and provide mouth-to-mouth. (Best Practices on whether to do this has changed twice during the time I’ve been CPR certified. You should do it, for the obvious reason that they need air, contra you shouldn’t do it, for the obvious reason that they need heart massage, and for the slightly less obvious reason that your up/down motion will also make the lungs go up/down and that’ll provide enough air flow. Current best practices, in my country, are considered to be “stop and provide air every so often”)
  • At the start, it may start out with a brief tutorial on how to clear airways and other things you should do to make sure your CPR isn’t just making a bad situation worse.
  • At the start start, it may run a brief self test to make sure it’s still a functional AED.

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