Honestly the thing that makes me saddest about the AAA Video Game Clusterfuck du Jour is knowing that there are probably a ton of people who spend shitloads of crunch time lovingly working on the one tiny part of the game they had control over only for it to be hopelessly fucked up at the executive level

(also all those people will probably get fired, but there’s at least a 75% chance they’d be fired even if it was a huge success)

if this is sad then man do I have some bad news for you about the number of government employees, and the likely outcomes for the projects they’re assigned to

true that, though honestly if AAA game employees were unionized at the same rate as government employees and the private sector was subject to the same kind of labour laws as the public sector, the game thing would be less sad

There will not be a “AAA Game Developer’s Union” for the exact same reason there won’t be a “Rock Star Union.”

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