I did eight job interviews this week.

Was told by one company today I can “probably expect a verbal offer before end of day.”

One of the phone screens was promising/interesting, and one of the other onsite interviews went well enough to make me hopeful. But I won’t be hearing back from them until next week.

I think I’m close to getting an offer and finally being done with this process. 🙂 But optimism has burned me before, so I’m trying not to celebrate just yet.

They sent me the offer! The pay is good! The benefits are good! I’m still hoping to hear back on the more interesting opportunities but this is fine and good and


I want to cry I was so tired and so worried it would be another month or longer


PLease, take the offer, even if you’re waiting on something else.

There is absolutely nothing shameful about accepting an offer, then backing out a week later because something better comes along.

Also: Congratulations!

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