Just For Information: @shieldfoss on twitter.com, and /u/shieldfoss on reddit (Yes you can follow people on reddit. If any of my mutuals have active reddit accounts, I’ll follow you there if you tell me that would make sense)

I don’t post explicit content so I’m probably not going to be banned from tumblr, but the site might very well die and after that, I’ll still be on twitter and reddit.

I post less on twitter, but that’s where I’ll be announcing it when I make an account on a new site after Tumblr dies.

In case you need to find an old post after tumblr has died, I occasionally back all my content up on www.shieldfoss.com and I intend to keep doing that.

I am technically also on Gab, but that’s a hellhole and I never visit. Nevertheless, if everything else fails, shieldfoss can be contacted over gab, I think I have it set up to send me a mail if you message me there.

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