not even on the principal level wrt censorship etc? (and then on the technical level where you gotta know that they’re gonna fuck up hard with this and have already started tagging completely unrelated posts as violating their TOS)

Sure, let me modify that: if false positives are a significant problem, that would upset me.

I don’t really see a principled issue on “censorship”. I think they are well within the bounds of normal standards of behavior (let alone their rights) to ban that kind of content. I’m not clamoring for a ban, and I understand how it upsets people who post a lot of that content, but I’m not upset by it.

It’s an indirect problem for me, but a problem all the same – I don’t follow any Horny On Main blogs, but I follow blogs curated by people who definitely follow etc./, and if they leave for greener pastures, my experience here becomes the poorer for it.

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