I’m not going anywhere. Twitter’s got a 280 character limit. Pillowfort deletes reblogs if the OP decides they don’t want their post going around anymore, which is both bad for my archiving obsession and fucking rife for abuse. Newgrounds is for funny cartoons 20 years ago and I have no idea why it’s being offered as an alternative. I need big, thick juicy slabs of meta and a place to find people who do too.

Tumblr’s the only place that offers what tumblr offers now, and I’m going to stick around and fight for it, and so will you because we’re all addicted and that’s just facts.

Pillowfort deletes

I mean, there’s nothing preventing you from copying it into your own post and replying on your own blog (though, of course, then others would do the same to reply to you and you wouldn’t see that you got “”“reblogged”“” unless they specifically called your attention to it)

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