Christ this might be the catalyst that finally gets me on Discord with the rest of you heathens.

Gonna end up on voice chat singing winter hymns to you in the cold tongue

@everyone: “Hey check this AnarchoAethetics opinion” / “…several people are typing”

How will we tell the difference between your winter hymns and anything else you have to say through that potato?

Well obviously you won’t be able to tell the difference but you could try asking somebody with

I just realized I don’t know if you’re Norwegian or Swedish so I can’t use an appropriate insult here.

Being unable to tell, from my posts in English, whether I’m Norwegian or Swedish, is already an immense insult whichever is true, so good job there. 😁 However, I am in fact from Norway.

I was trying to work in some joke about the two countries being the same generic northern country anyway but I couldn’t quite make it work.

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