I actually do have misgivings about dividing the world into sanitised services free from the horror of the insufficiently artistic nude figure and services based on 100% hardcore pornography, which is what you tend to get once you start enforcing the porn/not-porn divide; I mean there are obvious incentives at play but it does seem worth noting that a Tumblr user potentially could curate a personal experience that includes erotic elements without subjecting themselves to the seventeen varieties of digital chlamydia they would immediately contract on visiting PornHub, and that banning this will eliminate various forms of mildly playful or experimental sexuality, forcing everything and everyone into an strict all-or-nothing paradigm.

I mean, if I could access pornhub at work without getting extreme sideeyes from everybody and then fired, I’d shift to pornhub as my next platform, as a sort of explicit way of signalling that I really don’t care for censorious bullshit on my social media.

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