Back up your blogs faster

I’ve now got three conversations on my dash about people who can’t see their posts anywhere but their dash, not in reblogs, not on

Again, I’m @punkpuns on Twitter and miss.demeanor on Insta, if I disappear after this post someone reblog it with a pic of my tits getting dusted after the snap.

it’s been an honor, you angry fucks.

Hey I’d love to, but I backed up in September, and it won’t do an incremental backup of everything newer.

“No problem,” I say to myself, “I’ll just back everything up again.”

No bueno, I’ve already imported my tumblr – the place where I’d expect a button, there is instead a green checkmark.

(This is a fairly recent development because when I backed up in September, I had already backed up earlier than that, and I was presented with a button at that time)

I’m on the support chat (Ah, the wonders of being a paying customer) and we’re finding out if it’s possible to re-enable the button.

From the chat right now:

Please consider that the import feature is just for one time import, it won’t synchronize your updates from tumblr.

If you want to get those posts you will need to manually copy and paste here.

Haha ah yes I am definitely going to copy-paste all my posts since september, that’ll happen :^)

(What’s actually going to happen if the button can’t be re-enabled is that I’ll register and import there, then shieldfoss3./ in a month, then shieldfoss4./ in another. But that seems wasteful.

Alright, Customer Service came through and re-enabled the “import this blog” button.

(Now to see if it also does a new scan for posts, or only re-imports the posts it found back in September.)

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