I made a new English gown! The photos are potato quality, but I’m very happy with the look. This is for a working-class 1780s impression: Mercy Johnson, housemaid to the governor. She might have worn this dress and hat on an errand to a neighboring farm. The white kerchief (or fichu) elevates the look slightly; perhaps she’s going to church. For housework, she’d wear a patterned cotton one and a linen apron. Underneath, she is wearing two petticoats, a chemise, and a pair of boned stays, all of which (like the dress) have been handmade by me.

I’m really liking Miss Mercy Johnson so far. This winter I hope to flesh out her wardrobe (and, accordingly, her life). Next in the hopper is a brown cotton day dress with a navy linen underskirt. I’m going to be an absolute snack come next Homestead season, you guys.

Nice. Tell us if it gets flagged for review?

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