why the fuck do people keep acting like Tumblr’s porn purge or Sony’s “all games must pass California’s moral judgment” policy are being motivated by Christian conservatism?

all of these people involved are progressives. they want to censor for the same reason you demand censorship, and they hear your demands for censorship. 

the soul-rot is coming from inside the fucking house. 

Actually, all these people are soulless business executives trying to sell content to wide demographics, and sex shaming is bi-partisan. This is also what caused all the “safe for work” 4chan boards to be split off into “4channel”.

Which will probably kill the SFW boards tbh. I still use them, but they feel noticably slower moving (and some of them were slow to begin with.)

wait what, what happened to 4chan

god I’m so out of the loop

All the SFW boards were removed to so now it’s two different sites with a shared history.

But I can get cooking drama everywhere – I could even (shudder) get it on TV. The only draw of /ck/ over other cooking forums or whatever is the fact that it’s on 4chan, and subject to the… “robust” language culture that lives on 4chan.

why did they do that, that’s stupid

was it advertising related, it was advertising related wasn’t it

I mean I would bet you cash fucking money it was advertising related but like

Do they really think I’m going to disable ad block to support their mongolian pottery appreciation board?

Because I don’t think I would disable ad block to support starving children in Africa, much less a korean funk yodeling fan board.

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