22% of Tumblr users like or reblog adult content

In addition, according to this source Tumblr has 345M registered accounts as of April 2017 and 617M visits (desktop + mobile) in April 2017. (I’m not sure where the source gets THEIR numbers, so take this with a grain of salt).

If we approach this naiively and just get percentages, we can say that Tumblr will become partially useless to:

  • 75.9 million registered users (active or inactive)
  • 135.74 million unique visitors

(I say “partially” here because not everyone uses Tumblr exclusively for porn)

I suck at finding statistics for these kinds of things (xhxhxhxhxhxhx help me out here), but I’m wanting to start a discussion:

What is going to be the impact of this TOS change on the website?

22% of Tumblr users like or reblog adult content

Even that % is naively low, e.g. I read @ranma-official for their non-anime content but there’s uh

There’s some big ol’ anime tiddies on there from time to time.

And if that blog gets kicked off, I might leave with it even though I’m not counted in those 22% because I’ve never liked/reblogged any of those posts.

The new ToS doesn’t ban anime tiddies, though. Just photos of real tiddies.

And if tunglr.hell could tell the difference,

(Also I follow people who follow people who etc./)

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