Could you tell me where you’re going?






Hi folks-

A lot of people are making posts announcing where they’ll be setting up shop after The End, and it’s already getting hard to keep track of who is going where under what name. So I created a public spreadsheet to try and keep track of this:!AtiG1bZTgp9RxpJ3smyiFe703LcJhA

Would you mind sticking your information in there? I prefilled a couple columns with some of the most common alternate services, but of course you can and should add a column if a service you’re moving to isn’t listed.

Don’t be a jerk and mess with anyone else’s row but yours. I can see the edit history and revert bad changes anyway, so it won’t do you any good.

I normally hate begging for reblogs, but please reblog this.

@metagorgon: “I can’t edit”

When you try to edit a cell, you should see a ribbon across the top saying that “this is in read-only mode”, but also a button to enable editing. Click on that and then you should be fine (if not, something is very wrong, because that is how it has worked for me and several other people so far.

One other thing: if you are signed in to an Outlook/O365 account, I can see your real name when you edit the doc. If that is a problem, open the link from a private browsing window.

@copperbadge did this a lot more carefully than I did, and while I will keep mine up, you should definitely also submit to that one.

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