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(please disseminate this.)

Since it seems like Tumblr is on the verge of jumping the shark, are any of my fellow Catholics or Orthodox interested in setting up a diaspora before we come down to the wire? 

I’ve made a Dreamwidth, Dreamwidth is somewhat reminiscent of Livejournal and seems to have rigid ethics, though some people have been trying other options. 

My problem is that Dreamwidth feels like more of a blogging platform, and I don’t like blogging platforms.

The thing that Tumblr has is the miraculous ability to make an #aesthetic photo reblog, a three-word shitpost, and a sixteen-paragraph effortpost all equally easy and equally in-line with the site’s UI and purpose, while every other platform that I’ve been on pushes you heavily towards one end or the other of the spectrum.

If there’s a diaspora, I’d rather be on Discord TBH.

Also, let’s wait and see if Tumblr is actually going anywhere.

Yeah, I’m not posting on Dreamwidth until/unless Tumblr actually collapse.

Should probably get a discord.

Scott used LJ a fair amount in the old days.

Serious question: Do you mind the nudity censorship itself, or are you just concerned it will cause everybody else to leave and tumblr to shut down for lack of ad revenue?

Not for lack of ad revenue, LJ is also still around, a decade later.

But even if Tumblr doesn’t shut down, I’m only here for the people. If the people I want to follow leave in protest, or leave because the porn was half the point they were here, or leave because the interesting people they followed left for one of those three reasons, then it’s no longer interesting for me to stay around.

I don’t have a very long list of people I follow, it impacts my dash pretty hard when even one of you decides to stop posting.

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