“Rationalists” don’t seem to care very much about the possibility that they’ll be taken over by the Democratic Party apparatus – and the tractor beam has been pulling them in for a few years now, so it’s probably too late.

Oh well, at least the sorts of people who ask for help on Tumblr about insurance disputes with their mother will be able to get wealth and status by tying themselves in knots justifying their support of neocon foreign policy just kidding! They won’t get either, but they’ll do it anyway, because they were grown in vats and optimized for servility.

Really? I thought it was more that all the Rats who could be split off for the right have already been split off, so of course when you remove the right leaning portion of a group the remainder tends Left.

Also not all of us are American, but the idea that the Democratic Party could attract me at all is insane.

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