hey uhhh let’s not over-hype Obsidian’s new game because y’all remember what happened the last 999999999 times games were over-hyped

I fully understand where you’re coming from, but as a counterpoint, I can’t remember Obsidian ever putting out a bad game before.

doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  I’m not saying it’ll be bad, I just don’t want to see 9 million posts about people bitching that it didn’t deliver

I doubt we’ll hear the amount of bitching and moaning as we’ve heard for WW3.

I think I’ve seen, literally, 2 posts complaining about WW3. And honestly that game feeling like it’s just in it’s testing phase. But then again IT IS! I mean isn’t that what “Early Access” is?

Well, you weren’t in the discord or on twitter when it released then

Obsidian was bought by Microsoft less than a month ago…. so just keep that in mind

Yes, but let’s not forget that not all shitty devs are shitty in the same ways. Where EA likes to hollow the game out and fill it with monetization techniques, Microsoft instead likes to cram whatever gimmick they’re pushing into as many games as possible, even if it means making an RTS use kinect.

So what’s Microsoft been trying to force us to like these days, whether we want to or not?

Windows Store

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