I can’t decide if I should get a Switch or a PS4.

I already have a gaming PC.

If I get a Switch, the only game I really want is Pokemon. Maybe Super Mario Odyssey.

If I get a PS4, the only game I really want is Spider-Man. Maybe RDR2.

The Switch is portable, which is a big plus, but then again, do I want to be 23 years old walking around playing Pokemon? I think the fuck not.

On the other hand, if I get the PS4, I’m not sure I’d spend enough time playing it in the long run to warrant the expense. I’d blitz through Spider-Man… and then what? Every other game I might want to play on it is out for PC.

Decisions, decisions.

Here’s a wild suggestion: Get neither? If you think you’ll be unsatisfied with your purchase either way, don’t do it.

What got you thinking along these lines in the first place? Do you just want to be the kind of person who owns a console? Do you want to play games with visiting friends? What are you up to, exactly, that’s got you thinking of blowing hundreds of dollars on hardware you barely want?

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