“[T]he thing is, all the articles lamenting the demise of Tumblr porn try to elevate their argument into defense of the oppressed, including gays. They assert that Tumblr porn is a critical lifeline to the existence of marginalized groups. I posit that if porn is the basis for your identity, then you have a huge problem.”

Bob Loblaw (via arcticdementor)

worst take

Yeah that one is pretty bad. Getting rid of porn just gets rid of porn. Declaring that LGBT content is inherently pornographic, and getting rid of all the non-pornograpic LGBT content, there’s the harm.

Should negative traits and behaviors (low compassion, puissance, bad mood, threatening to break someone’s arm) be treated as red flags/falsifying one’s claims in being truly Enlightened? While I know that personality and life experiences might be deeply hardwired and resistant to stopping the “self” circuitry, I can’t image how someone who irreversibly and deeply embraced anatta could treat oneself and one’s external reality other than the same interdependent Universe.


My understanding of the Buddhist position on this is that you can reach the first stage of enlightenment (“stream entry”) and still not have purified all of your bad qualities. Compare to eg a religious person who deconverts to atheism, but still has a lot of religious ideas lurking in their metaphysics that they haven’t really examined, or is nervous around the idea of blasphemy.

I think the fourth stage of enlightenment (“arhat”) is by definition supposed to mean you’ve solved all your problems and removed all your bad qualities, but I don’t know how realistic that is or if there’s anybody around who is one.

Also – what bad qualities, exactly? Surely if the Arhat is beating me with a rod, the problem is that I still have impure desires such as “don’t hit me with a rod,” and not any qualities within the Arhat.

Is there really any demand for first-class cars though? It makes sense on trains with longer trips, but subways aren’t usually used for extensive commutes. Also, my gut says anyone who would have actual, high demand for first-class cars would find other means of transit than subways. Also I feel it would be hard to justify the cost of having first-class cars.




I would pay a lot more for a car that was guaranteed not to have anyone playing loud music or aggressively trying to beg from me while I can’t move. If I could sit down, that would be an added bonus.

For one, that sounds like a problem of a system that is too dysfunctional to enforce the rules they already have.

But how much more, really? How much would it cost to have someone drive you to work every day? Is that your limit? Or is it faster to take BART, such that you would be willing to trade off door-to-door convenience and pay even more than that for a first-class car?

also that sounds like a quiet coach, which i think is a thing more often than full on first class?

When I took the train often, things would fill up in this order:

Quiet section
Normal section
Quiet First Class section
First Class section

“First Class” section would typically be no noisier than the “Quiet First Class” section, you’d just pick Quiet First Class first, on the off-chance that a loud person had a first class ticket

(Typically somebody having a phone meeting, you would not fucking believe the kind of things people will just say in public when they forget they’re in public. I often fantasized about what it would take to become a corporate secrets dealer; can’t accuse me of theft when you’re giving them away for free on the train! You can get the same effect if you’re just sitting for a while in an up-scale café.)




I would say about 50% owl

[colors tweaked post hoc to satisfy the censorbots]

this is the best science I have ever done

@lewisandquark has an excellent post about why this kind of simple tweak can throw off a neural net—

Do Neural Nets Dream of Electric Sheep”

For example, image recognition has a tendency to misindentify rocky fields as goats (because goats are often found there), images with rulers are more likely to contain skin cancer, annnnnd apparently anything significantly skin toned as porn.

( #send dunes)

Not only that, but nets that were pretty good at recognizing goats regularly misIDed them when they turned up in unusual places– goats in trees = birds, goats in cars = dogs

Neural nets inherently reproduce the biases of the systems they’re trained on.

And yeah, playing with the censorbots reveals all sorts of pattern breaks can throw them off— large borders, weird zooms, image filters, hue, and saturation changes, clothing, props.

The presence of a small owl in a hat.


friends, may I suggest the solution to the nsfw-ban is porn in unusual places?



I know this isn’t exactly a constructive critique, but I’m genuinely shocked by how much Moldbug sucks. He’s a stone cold high IQ idiot. Even when he almost makes a good point he dances past it each time, partly because he’s a bad writer, partly because his generalizations are consistently off center from reality, partly because he’s gratuitously antagonistic and overshoots the mark. It’s really bad! On a paragraph by paragraph level!

That said, “the Cathedral” is a solid and reasonably insightful pejorative for America’s meritocratic monoculture, and it is important to draw attention to the flaws of that culture. It’s unsurprising that’s outlasted everything else. Though AFAICT, Moldbug incorrectly sees it more as an evil cabal, rather than as a class with its own class interests, for the reasons listed above.

sometimes you write someone off for years without engaging, then you finally dig in and like sheesh, I was being too generous.

Here’s the thing, the actual thing, about the Cathedral:

As soon as it becomes common parlance, the idiots who claim “Coastal Elite” means “Jew” will start to claim “The Cathedral” means “Jewishness.”

And while it soothes my soul to know that those people will be first against the wall, in the meantime I will have to read their stupid opinions.