Imperfect Owling Weather

Last night was not great.  Weather was yucky – too warm and very humid, ugh.  We also had multiple wild barred owls calling in the woods, which we don’t like. Because they will prey on the saw-whets, and when the barreds are noisy, it’s possible the saw-whets hunker down instead of flying.  (Or don’t come down if they are flying over.)  We’ll have to try playing some great horned owl calls in the early evening, to see if we can discourage the barred owls from hanging around.

So we only got one little girl last night, above (all three pics are the same owl), another hatch-year.

Getting a majority of hatch-year birds isn’t unusual.  It might suggest that we will have a boom year, but it’s still too early to tell.  Boom years will always feature a huge majority of hatch-year birds (like 80% or greater), because the boom is caused by saw-whets laying a really large number of eggs.  (This might be a reflection of prey boom and bust cycles up in their breeding grounds in the boreal forest.)  But there’s always some significant percentage of hatch-year birds.

In addition to the saw-whet, and the barred calls, what we’ve mostly seen in the woods are flying squirrels (cute as the dickens, but a problem, because they get caught in our nets and chew their way out), deer (we had eye-shine the other night), songs of various tree frogs, and far too many spiders.  (Last night we learned that the tiny bright green eye-shine we could see in the taller grass at the side of the path belongs to largish spiders.  A fact that I did not really need to know, but now I do.)  

We were wondering briefly if you can tell what an animal is by the color of its eye-shine (reflection off the tapetum lucidum behind the retina).  It would be nice, but alas, it doesn’t work that way; the color can vary between individuals in the same species.  In addition to deer, the main animals we could be seeing out there include raccoons, opossums, foxes, weasels, fishers, and coyotes.  We usually hear coyotes (who rally nearby) a few times a year (something I always love!), but haven’t seen one.  The problem is that the deer eyes are high enough off the ground that you have a moment of thinking that it could really only be a deer or coyote, and which is it?  But it’s usually deer.

I’m off for a few nights now, but will pick up again next week!


ah Imperfect Owling Weather, my new tagline


Can you imagine if Nazi Germany had happened just a few decades later we’d have dozens of shows like this showing the softer, more comedic side of being in the Gestapo

There’d be friendly cartoon dogs in otherwise normal children’s media with lightning bolt runes on their lapels giving kids helpful safety tips about looking both ways when crossing the street and how to tell your teacher if you suspect your neighbor is sheltering Jews

And the Nazi version of Cops would have been absolutely stomach-churning to watch for non-Nazis but it’d probably have been massively popular

That’s all I can think about when I see stuff like this, I think future historians are going to judge the US’s law enforcement and prison system almost as harshly, at best we’re going to look at cop propaganda like we look at stuff like blackface minstrels, ‘Birth of a Nation,’ or buck-toothed caricatures of Japanese people in WW2 propaganda







shes right and she should say it

excerpt from the article
The female price of male pleasure by Lili Loofbourow

“At every turn, women are taught that how someone reacts to them does more to establish their goodness and worth than anything they themselves might feel.”

“But next time we’re inclined to wonder why a woman didn’t immediately register and fix her own discomfort, we might wonder why we spent the preceding decades instructing her to override the signals we now blame her for not recognizing.”

OK, yes, it’s a thing that happens, but it also happens to be exactly the thing radfems would say to argue that anyone disagreeing with them is a poor brainwashed being who’s too deluded to see what’s good for herself.

And yet we take men’s signals at face value, praise men for stoicism, punish them for weakness, and even make up terms like “man flu“ do discourage them from going to the doctor and to make them neglect their health, making them die years earlier.

Not that OP describes doesn’t happen to women. Of course it does. But this is a sophisticated version of the “cool girl” rant, and it has the same problem. It takes the inside view on female behaviour and explains it away through complex outside incentives and social pressures, and then blames male behaviour on men.

Also the passive voice does a lot of work there.

Like, as a man who heard “women are more just emotional/you just have to learn to live with it/expecting women to be cold and rational like men is low-key sexist“ instead of “THIS IS ABUSE GET OUT NOW FOR GOD’S SAKE” I have to say this:

That linked post features a lot of quotes by women about what they assume the male perspective to be. That post has a woman taking the experiences of a gay man with other men and pathologising them! And the woman just assumes that when women talk about bad sex it’s always a crisis, but that men can’t have bad sex.

But no, dishonest female behaviour is blamed on the Big Other, some implied and assumed male threat, done for male pleasure. I am doing this for you. You made me do it. The oranges of conclusively diagnosing an abnormal growth of endometrium outside the uterus are compared to the apples of selling a guy boner pills waiting to see if it helps and he buys more.

[…] the gender that walks around in sartorial comfort[…]

I can’t even. Don’t tell me a suit and tie is more comfortable than a cashmere sweater.

That whole article is “women have it hard therefore men don’t“ over and over.

TL;DR: “When women want mens attention and therefore decide to compete with other women, that’s actually men’s fault.”

Slightly longer: Listen, if I have been “trained” to see Oscar-worthy sartorial performances as routine, it’s because you routinely perform them in front of me. I didn’t ask for that. Maybe solve your own problem.

“But I can’t stop, then you’ll pick the woman who is doing that and therefore looks better.”

That sounds like a “you” problem.






Conditional Immortality of Lobsters

wait, how does this work with all those giant prehistoric bugs (scorpions and dragonflies and stuff) that were giant in the time of the dinosaurs or whatever. Is it just that they were species that never needed to molt or is there some other reason why this wasn’t an issue for them?

I don’t think insects molt. I don’t know if Scorpions do.

Limitations of oxygen metabolism are different when amount of oxygen is different.

That makes sense