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“Verifiable fact” 😭😂


btw Saint Nicholas, whom Santa Claus is based on, was a black guy

and we don’t know exactly what jesus looked like, but here’s an artistic reconstruction of an average 20-something male from his ethnic group at the time


I want this post everywhere

jesus was represented more or less accurately as an ethnically jewish arab man up until the reign of pope alexander vi, in the late 15th century. since he was viciously persecuting roman jews during this time, alexander wanted to make them less sympathetic to the public, and did so in part by ordering that portrayals of jesus be based off of his son, cesare borgia.

the reason “jesus is white” is because someone purposefully attempted to alter the perception of history to benefit his goal of persecuting a targeted ethnic group.

Wow, more proof the Borgias were trash.

saint nicholas is of Turkic ancestry, the only depictions of him as black are from Bari, where no one has ever seen him, centuries after his death, get this medievalpoc tier garbage off my dash, shoo

Turkic? What?

Turkish maybe, based on modern borders, but at the time of St. Nick, he was probably culturally Hellenic (Greek name) or Roman (Roman empire), and at the time the Turks were living in the steppe and not in Asia Minor, and Islam was not yet a thing.

I mean sure, medievalpoc is historical revisionism, but it’s more complicated than that. St. Nick lived before the Migrations Period, before the Bantu Expansion reached what is now South Africa, before the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, around the time of the last prosecutions of Christians and during the reign of Constantine.

I mean you can argue that the modern Turks are genetically 90% either Byzantine or Greek, and just culturally Turkish, but that kind of pots-vs-people debate is irrelevant to St. Nick, who was neither Turkish nor Turkic.

That’s a lot more analysis than I was going to do.

I was just going to post “Jesus was clearly white,” above a screen cap of a twitter bluecheck saying “My fellow white people, we must”




if you reblog the todd howard version of this, idk youre not smart

Care to explain who this guy is then? I’m sure he’s Howard’s boss or something and actually more culpable but without context he just looks like some white guy I’d run into at Autozone

It’s Pete Hines, who is in every Bethesda presentation so it’s hard to believe you don’t know him.
He’s the vice president of Bethesda, and head of PR relations and marketing. So he deals with every business oriented thing, while Todd is an executive game director and producer, who doesn’t involve himself much in the corporate side I’m sure.

I would say Pete Hines is more culpable and at fault for the mess regarding refunds of 76, the nylon bag issue of the power armor edition. And So On.

If you want to continue to rag on Todd, at least realize who’s more in charge because it isn’t him. It’s Pete.

It’s Pete Hines, who is in every Bethesda presentation so it’s hard to believe you don’t know him.

Listen if you watch so much /vg/ hype that you can recognize studio and publisher execs on sight, you are part of the problem. Stop watching vidya hype.


We got one more added to the list

Diablo Immortal doesn’t belong on the list, nobody pre-ordered that. I mean, I’m never gonna buy it, but y’all haven’t been betrayed, Blizzard can’t break a promise they never made.

Now EA and Bethesda, however,



I take public transportation to work every day and I notice people from every gender do this bag on the seat thing. That’s why I think made up words like “manspreading” & “womansplaining” are kind of dumb.

This post is not wrong. This post is very good.


That’s never why I’ve put anything on that seat. I put my coat on the seat because it’s way more secure than the overhead compartment (I can’t tell if it’s my coat or yours you’re rifling through) and less dirty than the floor. Bag – same place/reason, though I mind less about my bag getting dirty. And then I move it if somebody needs the seat.

Though of course this does still analogize well to “”“manspreading”“” – that’s never why I spread my legs, I spread them because that’s more comfortable. And then I close them if somebody needs the seat.

But I guess you can’t write think pieces about reasonable people doing reasonable things for reasons that make sense.