The most specific bumper sticker I’ve seen in a while

That’s an awesome bumper sticker. Cash for Clunkers was the dumbest government program I have gotten to see up close; basically cut out the bottom of the used car market, with expected results on marginal used car buyers and used car prices.

Plus, my brother was a mechanic at the time, and some of the vehicles he destroyed, he talked about it the same way I’ve seen vet techs talk about the time they had to put down a healthy dog with no unmanageable behavior problems. They ran the cars without oil until the engine seized, and he practically had tears in his eyes as he talked about how long a particular truck had taken to die.


Destructive and evil, yes. Unintelligent, absolutely not.

It was a huge give-away to the American car industry that carved away a lot of their competition (their own old cars).

The total result was a net negative 1.4 billion USD – that is, America as a whole was 1.4 billion poorer – but of course car prices rose so that’s good :-/

“conclude that the cost exceeds the benefit by approximately $2000 per vehicle.”